G. Alexander Bryant | Some On Boards and Some On Broken Pieces

Event Details

Stronger Together Adult Meeting
Saturday, July 17
7:00 PM

Alberta Conference Virtual Camp Meeting 2021: Stronger Together

Speaker: Alex Bryant | Some On Boards and Some On Broken Pieces

Featuring (including participants in Conference Happenings with Debbie segment): Gary Hodder, Wayne Williams, Keith Richter, Romando Carey, Sean Kapakasa, Moriah Kennedy, Gabriel Moreno-Falla, Brandon Napod, David Gondwe, Jon Mallard, Kathryn McNulty and College Heights Christian School

Thank you for joining us on our journey across the Alberta Conference, from Lethbridge to Yellowknife, as we grow stronger together.

Presenter Info

Alex Bryant

G. Alexander Bryant

Sean Kapakasa

Sean Kapakasa

Brandon Napod

Brandon Napod


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