Ashia Lennon

Ashia Lennon
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Pastor Ashia Lennon grew up on the beautiful island of Jamaica. In 2007, she relocated to Canada, where she completed a diploma in biotechnology. In 2014, she received her call to ministry at that year’s Canadian Youth Summit. She then attended Burman University in Alberta, Canada, where she completed her undergraduate degree in theology. She is currently the interim head pastor at the Pinehouse Drive SDA Church in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (try to say that five times fast!).

Pastor Ashia is currently completing her masters in pastoral ministry at Andrews University—in her final-year lap! Her focus in ministry involves the practice of empathetic listening and assisting people in finding healing while discovering efficient ways of communicating. Her current obsession is bombarding her friends with memes and the amazing content from audiobooks and podcasts that’s absurdly useful (if you know any, please share!).

No matter which hat she’s wearing, her goal is simple: to practically equip God’s people to share their faith experiences.

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Friday, July 9
7:00 PM

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