Audrey French

Audrey French
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Having grown up in church with an innate love for God and music, it was a foregone conclusion that Audrey French would be a praise and worship leader. The second of three children, she was born into a musical family with both parents having spent decades involved in music both inside and outside of the church. Following in those footsteps, Audrey was performing both at church and on major stages such as the Jubilee Auditorium before she began elementary school. In addition, she and her sisters were twice guest performers for the late premier Ralph Klein and his wife, Colleen. She went on to be a member of the youth choir of the West Edmonton Seventh-day Adventist Church and eventually the director of The Light youth choir. In addition to her talents as a singer, Audrey is also a gifted violinist and has performed as a soloist, in an ensemble and at the orchestral level. Despite her many accomplishments, it is her passion for praise and worship that supersedes all else and is to this form of musical expression (and the God it praises) that she has dedicated her life.

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