Wayne Williams

Wayne Williams
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As a young adult, Pastor Wayne Williams was impressed to enter into the ministry. Thus, he embarked upon a thorough education, commencing with Canadian University College and continuing with Oakwood College and Northern Caribbean University. The latter bestowed upon him a BA in Theology and Religion.

Pastor Williams returned to Toronto and worked under the Ontario Conference. Subsequently, he went to Andrews University and culminated his theological studies with a Master of Divinity degree (preaching emphasis). He is presently completing a Doctorate at Andrews University.

After his studies, he functioned as the lead pastor of several churches in Ontario. Today, Pastor Williams is the vice president of Administration and executive secretary of the Alberta Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

Of all these blessings, however, Pastor Williams maintains that his greatest earthly treasure is his family. His life thus far, combined with his proclivity for inquiry, vision, engaging homiletics, and passion for leadership, together empower him to fervently disseminate the gospel. By the power of the Holy Spirit, he humbly aspires each day towards the Christian’s heritage of prayer and worship, service to humanity, and the glorious hope of heaven.

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